Welcome to our proven products of choice

Call for an appointment to see our samples and how the process works from beginning to end.  You will even receive a free quote of your chosen product. and a free sample the time of the estimating being completed.. A beautiful Architectural drawing of your building with the panels of your choice. Any changes can be made to your specifications before the products are purchased delivered and installed.  These designs are to enhance the beauty and decor you already possess in your business/restaurant.  We welcome new projects as well as redesigned. 

We sell  products for inside and outside panels for social distancing, cleanability, durability.   Why these products?  They are "Safer Choice" products proven to be what the manufacturer guarantees.  They will outlast most other products on the market. Perfect to keep your business open and as germ free as possible. We completed the research to find these panels and they work! Perfect for your needs. 

We sell redesigns and new buildings with  Concepts called "Parking Space Dining," We sell and build New Restaurant Buildings with Social Distancing in mind and use "Safer Choice" products to help keep your employees and customers safe.  We build in Colorado only. 

We are here to help your business succeed! Look at our blueprints. These are copywritten.  You must purchase the designs so do  not copy.  Parking Space Dining is copywritten also.