Are you keeping your customers safe?  

Try our Custom Panels for Your New Restaurants or Redesigns:

How does this process work?

To keep the pandemics/Colds away, , we are committed to communication on the subject of the concepts. Brought to you to keep you up-to-date on the changes occurring.

If you are a restaurant owner or business owner call us, email us direct and let us offer a bid on your project. 
If you are a different type of business and you need service of finding your design let us know. 

Please check back as we move forward to renew the restaurants Outdoor/Indoor Oasis.  As of today,  Restaurants are open at 100% capacity. Are they trying to keep you the customer safe?  Pandemics are here to stay unfortunately. We cannot guarantee a completely germ free place, but why not try too? Your customers are what matters most. 

The Products are not just beautiful they provide:

* Safe Approved Environmental Products (Safer Choice Panels)

If you choose to use glass instead we can provide it. 

Table tops
Table Protectors
 Inlaid Countertops
Booth Separations

 Using Environmental Products that provide safer Spaces. 

We provide Custom Design Orders: Please contact us for more details!

This is how Parking Space Dining works:

We provide:
1. A meeting to disucss your needs. A gathering of information from you on your project. Your ideas and your budget. 

2. You decide if you like what you see and are interested, we then meet with our Architect and Builder to discuss your ideas and timelines for completion. 

3. We then meet with our vendors to discuss how your project will be completed and finalized with your products to verify accuracy. 
 We provide "Information and Samples of Products" You chose. 

4. A proposal is provide to your restaurant and or project for your final cost. We discuss your banking needs for your project.  Upon siging the proposal. 

5.  We need your approval and payments for the products and blueprints. We begn working with your bankers for the payments of our vendors. A brand new drawing of your restaurant with your new products will be provided from our Architect and Builder.   You know what your project will look like before its built. 

6. Your product that you approved are ordered and takes approximately 8 to 10 weeks until delivery. If the product is hard to find this may take longer. A substitute may be available. Buldings are longer in time limits. 

7. A schedule of installation of the products is provided to your restaurant. (Colorado Only) We do not build in other states only in Colorado. We are just not within other states yet. 

8. We begin the installation of the new products inside and/ or outside specific to your plan chosen. Always getting your input. 

9. We finalize the restaurant products and you open your doors to a new way of servicing your customers. You will now have combated Epidemics and Pandemic issues in a new way. Congratulations and welcome to "Parking Space Dining."  

 Your products and buildings have a up to 5 year guarantee. 

"Changing Spaces Inside & Outside Places."

We provide building in Colorado only. Other states we will provide information on builders if available. 

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