Blueprints for Purchase 
View the plans and concepts of a redesigned restaurant using the 5 Concepts of "Parking Space Dining" Inside and Outside. See Redesigned Building Blueprints.  (HVAC and Electrical comes with the plans once purchased. 

Contact us for details. 

Moving away from the cafeteria style restaurant for safety reasons and a new design. 5 concepts to use to keep your restaurant making revenue. Without one of these concepts your revenue drops. You decide of course. 

Our hope is that all businesses prosper!

New Building Concept : Purchase plans; Build with our Builder  or build with your own builder. 

       Custom Designed  Gallery of Products(Samples):
We are about Changing Spaces inside and outside places. 

 Many Colors and Many Designs (You decide): 
Panels for Separating Spaces
Artwork Panels
Table Top Protectors
 Inlaid Bar Tops
Bathroom Separating Panels

Resin Coasters that stay put unless you pick them up to move them. (Beautiful, cleanable by simply wiping them off with a wipe.  Cold or Hot drinks. Coasters are 4" x 4" (Inches)  Normally sold in bulk of 320 for Restaurants or Cafeterias.  Check back with us as any coasters not purchased become individually sold. Patterns change often. 

Table Protectors and Panels:

Sold in 4' x 4'   4' x 8'     4' x 10'   Width and Height.  These are custom designed so contact us direct for ordering.  Great for saving your tables you already own. They are also designed to enhance your existing decor. 
Table Bumpers are included for your to use. If you want to use "Stand-offs" we can sell these as well. You get to choose. 

Artwork and Lighting:

The Artwork of Varia are almost endless. Let us help you explore the world of Varia Panels for your Artwork. 
If backlighting is needed for your artwork panels we can provide this to you as well. There are extra cost involved and must be professionally installed. We install in Colorado only but we can provide contact with other installers in different states. 

Gauge Sizes (Thicknesses) For Panels and Artwork:

Bathroom Separations for a Cleaner Customer Wash-Station. Making it easy to clean after your busy rush hours. IF you are interested in Bath partitions with laminates instead we can provide these options. 

Inlaid Countertops for Bars are for new designs that can include lighting features or without lighting. You can also substitute and use glass options as well. 

New Design OutDoor Panels for creating Awnings/Separating outdoor spaces

New Designs for New Businesses/Restaurants

New Design Buildings with Environmental Products
New Design Drive Thru with Safety In Mind
New Design Parking Lots
New Design OutDoor Landscaping
New Design OutDoor Lighting

See our blueprint designs