Approval of the Plans 

Your plans must be approved by you before any product can be ordered or delivered to your restaurant. There will need to be several meetings during this time: The initial meeting, the approval meeting, the delivery of the products, during installation of the products and a final walk through to make sure all punchlist items are corrected and your reopening can occur. Each plan determines how long your restaurant has for downtime and scheduling. Remember, this is a change to help your restaurant remain open during any pandemics unless the State and Governments mandate a shutdown. We and you as the restaurant manager, operator or owner will have no choices to close if mandated to close. 

This approval is to try to Combat COVID 19 and other Pandemics. It will be up to the restaurant personnel and managers and owners to clean their facilities after each customer dines. Parking Space Dining can have no written or implied control over what occurs inside or outside  the restaurants. What we can do is try to provide a product that is safe to the manufacturers guarantees and approvals of their products.  Any person to whom would become sick once eating at any restaurant will be between the restaurant and the sick individual. Parking Space Dining cannot and will not be help accountable.  

The manufacturer of the products holds the "Safer Choice" credentials for their products. it will be up to the manufacturer to continue offering the "Safer Choice" product and continuing to reapply through the EPA. We cannot guarantee what the Manufacturer will change on their products. 

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Guarantee is written on the Proposal 

Once the Restaurant is provided a proposal and the proposal is returned after being signed we will begin ordering the products, it is up to the manufacturers schedule to meet the deadlines of the delivery of the products. Once the delivery occurs we will work to complete the project. Some of the drawings (plans) are more intense than others so they will take longer and be completed with quality installers. Vendors that are experienced and licensed.

Each restaurant/business is provided the chance to use their own vendors for installing the products. In this scenario Parking Space Dining will have no guarantee on any products or installation that others may guarantee of their own finished or non finished work.

We will only provide a guarantee for any products or work that we complete from beginning to end. Otherwise, the guarantee is with whom completes the work and orders the products and to whom delivers the product. Timelines will be the responsibility of each vendor involved. 

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