Concepts for Redesigning Restaurants

Concepts Used In fighting Pandemics and Epidemics:   Let us keep our restaurants Open for business by using concepts. 

1. Inside "Private Space Panels" EcoResin Dividers that allow "seeing through spaces" while social distancing and eating. Easy to clean after each customer completes their meal. These EcoResins are designed to match your existing decor. There are three types with over 250 colors to chose from. 

2. Inside "Lobbies for take-out" ordering and pickup areas. Adds "waiting for eating inside" with restrooms designed for these concepts. Distancing from the actual "inside" eating customers. Helping with Social Distancing. 

3. Outside "patios" using exterior EcoResin outside  panels for dining tables and providing booth partitions from one table to the next. Outside awnings that are clear through and cover your entire patio.  Haul off  the umbrellas and store them, you will not need them any longer! Outside coverings are here to stay!  These provide safe environments from blown over tables and broken umbrella parts. Keeping your customers safe.

4. Outside "parking space dining" with Exterior Dividers and see through roofs, landscaping, lighting, music and more. Come live the experience! Designated parking spaces for this experience away from "dining in" customers and drive-up drive-through's. These are perfect for parties and graduations. Koda and Chroma XT used for safety and dividers that allow personal logos and pictures. This experience is being drawn and will be ready soon. Over 250 colors and widths. Ready to expose the fun atmosphere for returning customers. Permanently keeping your doors open. 

5. "Drive through parking lots" for ordering and pickup windows. Designed to keep your parking lot in mind along with the safety of your customers. Designated parking spaces for this design, away from your "dining in" customer. You order and you drive away. Try to not compromise your customers from walking through your parking lot while others are using your "take-out" area. 
We offer the concepts, provide the products and even the installation of the products (in Colorado). We provide the Contractor.  The restaurant  cleans and disinfects after every customer and provides a safer environment for all their customers. 

Building a new restaurant?  Check out our plans!  It is a brand new experience! New design with eco friendly materials and safety in mind.  Let's change from the cafeteria style restaurant to something better, "Changing One Space At A Time," Parking Space Dining for where you park to dine.